Emotional Intelligence in Children

emotional intelligence

Why is it important for children to develop their emotional intelligence?

Most of us have experienced situations where our emotions are overwhelming us. At times we are likely to say or do things that we would not under different circumstances. This is happening to children constantly.
An important part of emotional intelligence is the ability to manage our emotions...

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Sex education

Sex Education Program

According to experts, sexual education during childhood plays a key role in the way the teen will deal with the various issues surrounding sex and regulate his/her sexual behavior as his/her approaches sexual maturity. Continue here

Ομάδα τάξη

The group called class ... Seeing things differently

The class is a small group, and like every small group it has its own rules and values. When talking about a group we are not just talking about the sum of its parts. The class is not comprised only by the professor, Yannis, Maria, Giorgos, etc., is more than that, it is also the dynamics that are created within this group.Continue here