What people said about us...

family therapy

" The most important virtue of a personal development center is to empathize, understand and help the family as a whole! ... And of course this virtue is fulfilled by Open School!"


"With the help of the parents group I discovered strengths and abilities, which were “in deep sleep” inside me. I felt reborn, more confident, and finding joy in life, which I had lost and so desperately needed in order to see life optimistically, living consciously with my child, who now was 9 and we continue at Open School!"


"Working on myself at F.e.e.l. I gained as a parent, but also as an autonomous individual, that, which for years I was not able to apply to my life. Wisdom… Yes, to have the wisdom to handle whatever situation I had to deal with either as an adult for something very personal – from the relationship with my husband to the relationship with my in-laws or with my mother – or as a parent on how I will talk with my children, how to scold them, how to set boundaries..."

For a lecture at the 2nd primary school Melissión...

You do a great job and help with fundamental issues in a simple and understandable way.
Thank you so much!

For a workshop for parents at a kindergarten...

Our meetings were very interesting, helpful and very informative on the issues that concern us. The answers to our questions helped me very much in working with my daughter.
Thank you so much!

for lectures at the 2nd kindergarten Melissión

Very helpful talks. I felt they were giving me directions on issues I did not know how to handle.