We can help you have...

how ✔ Happy students
✔ Happy parents
✔ Effective teachers
✔ Better results

How do we do it?

✔ Listening to your concerns and your wishes
✔ Identifying your needs
✔ Designing programs that can cover your needs
✔ Proposing unique interventions that bring substantial change to the organization

Until now we have organized:

✔ Numerous lectures in schools
✔ Workshop: The 21st Century Teacher
✔First Workshop for teachers
✔ Workshop: Working with emotions in classroom
✔ Working, in the classroom, with children that have difficulties
✔ Understanding.... group dynamics.... Teaching effectively
✔ I am a parent and I have questions (a workshop for parents)
✔ Intervention to tackling bulling
✔ Vocational guidance workshop for high school students

Why collaborate with us?

γιατί εμείς

✔ We have 30 years of experience in the field of education
✔ All our partners are specialized in their respective field, well-trained and experienced
✔ We have the ability to see things from a different perspective
✔ We can create the appropriate conditions to facilitate change.
✔ Our team is composed of different professionals, each specialized in his field, who by working together can face challenges on many different levels.